1. Koding, a cloud development IDE (beta) - http://t.co/9aBmDEnO
2. On Responsive Images : http://css-tricks.com/on-responsive-images/
3. 19 CSS3 and jQuery Tutorials for Perfect UI Design | SpyreStudios http://t.co/In2dpy1i
4. CoffeeConsole: A Chrome Extension - Snook.ca http://t.co/4iYN7qTW
5. An embeddable JavaScript Markdown editor http://t.co/MiMSMlIY

6. JsonCpp - JSON data format manipulation library http://t.co/65I9nYz2
7. Free icon sets: SweetiePlus and Verinice - http://t.co/IOrNW6dg #useful
8. How to create Calendar using jQuery and CSS3 [Tutorial] http://designmodo.com/calendar-jquery-css3/
9. CSS3 Animated Loading Bar by @leemunroe - http://t.co/UgVf4Lep
10. Mobile Navigation Design & Tutorial http://t.co/iyEe5q4L
11. Responsive Web Design in Sass: Using Media Queries in Sass 3.2 - Intermediate http://t.co/uXqYyVmF
12. JavaScript Garden http://t.co/SP9aQzoD
13. Awesome Convert Blog Layout PSD to HTML/CSS Tutorials - http://t.co/WuaEu04R
14. 60 Examples of Responsive Website Design - www.demortalz.com/2011/11/25/exclusive-50-sexy-wallpapers-of-female-celebrities/
15. UI patterns for mobile apps #ux #mobile http://t.co/MVqH7KqP
16. Animated Content Tabs with CSS3 | Codrops http://t.co/Kx2iC7DI #css3
17. #jQuery Get #html Including Element Tag : http://t.co/VeNKJ3fz
18. HTML5 Website Layout Tutorials and Inspiration : http://acrisdesign.com/2010/03/html5-website-layout-tutorials-and-inspiration/
19. This CSS3 loader http://t.co/zuRE2Vft
20  #jQuery Smooth Div Scroll by Thomas Kahn - smooth content scrolling using jQuery http://t.co/ikpGlO4u
21. 10 Latest #jquery Sliders of 2012 http://t.co/SeB2YKPe
22. The Divine Proportion and Web Design | Codrops http://tympanus.net/codrops/2012/04/17/the-divine-proportion-and-web-design/
23. 40+ Fresh Examples of Creative & Crazy #Print #Brochure #Design Inspiration http://t.co/MdtHhfVb
24. Sotrage.js: uses the HTML5 contenteditable attribute and localStorage for instant edits of the site- http://t.co/UJyHHnQ7
25. 50 Totally Free Lessons in Graphic Design Theory http://t.co/BuCoEyWX
26. Sponsor Flip Wall With jQuery & CSS | Tutorialzine demo http://t.co/BhLgmME1
27. Triangles With Shadow: http://t.co/9Vu1pj9G
28. Drag and Drop and Automatically Send to the Server | HTML5 Doctor http://t.co/FYMeGHXm
29. Free Textures : List of Resources http://acrisdesign.com/2009/11/free-textures-list-of-resources/
30. Decoupling HTML from CSS http://t.co/eesg0tFg
31. Introduction to Optimizing Your Photoshop Installation http://t.co/kLiWcTCG #Photoshop
32. DocHub: Instant Documentation Search (CSS, HTML, JavaScript, DOM, jQuery, PHP, Python) http://t.co/m8eHt3VJ
33. Curtain.js: jQuery plugin to create curtain effect on fixed pages http://designresourcebox.com/curtain-js-jquery-plugin-to-create-curtain-effect-on-fixed-pages/
34. Home - Scalable and Modular Architecture for CSS http://t.co/hu0IcGux
35. AngularJS: Javascript MVC framework from Google http://t.co/R340kYG4

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