1. Very useful: Five responsive Web design pitfalls to avoid by Brad Frost - http://t.co/pr7qKMhS
2. pow.js — Algorithmic sunburst generator via CSS, canvas and jQuery : http://obadger.com/pow/
3. UI.Layout Plug-in - Home 2 http://t.co/GWcYvP0L
4. gitHUB Joomla3-Admin-template :  https://t.co/fiQUsgHr #joomla
5. How to Make Smooth Transitions with CSS3 http://t.co/dunPUfAK

6. 30 Useful Infographics for Web Designers http://ow.ly/aOcvc
7. Benefits of a CMS Website http://t.co/J86ziHYI
8. Mastering #CSS #Gradients in Less Than 1 Hour : http://www.1stwebdesigner.com/css/mastering-css-gradients-in-less-than-1-hour/
9. StandaloneWebinspector: Mac app that wraps the latest WebKit Web Inspector and simplifies remote debugging - http://t.co/QgnzZelf #useful
10. Datavisualization.ch Selected Tools http://t.co/VcYgvTAh
11. Top 10 Javascript slideshows, carousels and sliders http://t.co/1sIJBt4i
12. 100 Awesome CSS/Javascript Plugins and Coding Techniques | Top Design Magazine - Web Design and Digital Content http://t.co/IHhL9y27
13. Free download: Media Black UI Kit (PSD) http://t.co/fm98FlsA
14. Top 5 pinterest extension for joomla : http://www.qubesys.com/top-pinterest-extensions-for-joomla/
15. Awesome breakdown of responsive image options from @chriscoyier http://t.co/BRO5fV5i. Spreadsheet too http://t.co/i4asGGjL

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