1. 5 Simple Steps To Become A Graphic Designer http://t.co/3OuXtFWU
2. 20 Awesome Retro And Vintage HTML5 Websites : http://collegegfx.com/20-awesome-retro-and-vintage-html5-websites/
3. Develop A One-Of-A-Kind CSS/JS-Based Game Portfolio - http://t.co/HbBLU6G6
4. HTML KickStart: Rapid Website Development HTML CSS ToolKit http://www.downgraf.com/coding/html_css/html-kickstart-rapid-website-development-html-css-toolkit/
5. Very useful: Why you should care about CSS page performance - http://t.co/sSmV7hnB

6. glfx.js - a real-time image effects library powered by WebGL http://t.co/VreCKrvC
7. CSS Compositing with "Blending Mode" in CSS http://t.co/qftEeAlp
8. Beautiful, simple #HTML5 app that just tells you what the temperate is  http://t.co/1PPjXZvQ
9. Data Binding Using data-* Attributes in HTML5 - http://t.co/rUZT7YTN
10. Retina.js | Retina graphics for your website http://t.co/jezrNfHc
11. Proto.io: a fast mobile prototyping tool, also supports comments http://t.co/yNQ4rY8B - A useful #UX tool.
12. Purty Social Icon Set | Purty Pixels http://t.co/r8BzEmQH
13. Cross-Browser Debugging CSS http://t.co/6mOEmXwu
14. Javascript preloader for #HTML5 apps. http://t.co/plOpYwlK
15. Showing Product Information with CSS3 3D transforms - http://t.co/3zDqs5Q3 #css
16. Speakker - HTML5 Audio Player http://t.co/FAwqJoXx
17. Rekapi - A keyframe animation tool for JavaScript http://t.co/kqae4Mmv
18. Textify.it - Turn Images Into Text http://t.co/INajDRnG
19. Shifty! : tweening engine built in JavaScript : http://t.co/IWC4wehW
20. How to Create an Upload Form using jQuery, CSS3, HTML5 and PHP : http://designmodo.com/create-upload-form/
21. Mac OS X Lion CSS3 : http://www.alessioatzeni.com/mac-osx-lion-css3/