1. PhoneGap | Cross platform mobile framework http://t.co/HW1Ko9uP
2. 23 Inspiring Mac Related Websites : http://webdesignledger.com/inspiration/23-inspiring-mac-related-websites
3. How Firm is Your Node.JS Foundation? http://t.co/BMi9UcN5
4. Flow Control - Google Docs http://t.co/BLJ9tjxV
5. 31 Must See HTML5 Experiments http://t.co/to4znk1k

6. 17 Resources for Download Free Images and Photos for your Blog Posts http://designmodo.com/download-free-images/
7. Create Stacked Images with CSS3 Pseudo-Elements -  http://www.webappers.com/2012/06/04/create-stacked-images-with-css3-pseudo-elements/
8. Create Complex Application Layout with UI.Layout :  http://layout.jquery-dev.net
9. Visually Connect Elements on Web Page like Yahoo! Pipes : http://morrisonpitt.com/jsPlumb/html/demo.html
10. jQuery Transit brings super-smooth CSS3 transformations and transitions to jQuery : http://ricostacruz.com/jquery.transit/
11. HTML5 And CSS3 Browser Compatibility Chart bit.ly/LePfV4
12. Twitter Bootstrap 101: Introduction | Webdesigntuts+ http://t.co/p8ZnRTrG
13. Joomla Magazine: Designing Joomla! Websites - Form vs Functionality http://t.co/2UyAuQ7Z
14. Learn to code | Codecademy http://t.co/ngmKufUI
15. #HTML5, #CSS3, #Javascript tutorials - learn and teach | TheCodePlayer http://t.co/AG7Yu1kH
16. CSS Breadcrumb tutorial http://goo.gl/fb/uvYP8
17. OSX Leopard GUI set, Vector Photoshop and Fireworks files included, great Freebie http://www.webdesignshock.com/mac-interface/ #design #useful
18. CSS3 Prefix tool  http://www.prefixmycss.com/  #design #useful
19. jQuery++ / jquerypp : http://jquerypp.com/
20. 6 SEO Tools to Analyze Your Site Like Google Does http://t.co/R7DQM9Jn
21. HTML for Icon Font Usage - http://t.co/UrFSoTpl #css
22. Beautiful QR Code Designs - http://t.co/gm6z745w
23. How to Make Progress Bars Feel Faster to Users - http://t.co/yl8IQzV3
24. Cool CSS3 Image Slider http://t.co/nGWc3r9l
25. Code a Simple Folded Corner Effect With CSS - http://is.gd/UX9yy3
26. How #CSS Handles Errors http://dlvr.it/1gfNGW
27. 9 Excellent Tools for #Design Mockups http://mashable.com/2012/06/07/mockup-tools/
28. 7 Elements of a Well Converting Subscription Page | Codrops http://t.co/E8qcfEdQ #webdesign
29. zipWTF: pinpoints which resources are not being gzipped by the server - http://t.co/eyN0K7zG #useful
30. Allowing Users to Edit Text Content with HTML5 : http://www.developerdrive.com/2012/06/allowing-users-to-edit-text-content-with-html5/
31. Create a #Joomla Test Site Using #Akeeba Backup http://t.co/xnxz0dnq
32. Siesta - Stress free JavaScript unit testing http://t.co/ikNYZpud
33. Laravel: a yet another framework for PHP Web development - http://t.co/qWPJ2tGi
35. Sketching A New Mobile Web - http://t.co/jGbDwhrW
36. 9 #Joomla Template framework solutions for developers http://t.co/hcYjhRnq
37. JQVmap: a jQuery plugin that renders vector maps using SVG and VML for legacy browsers - http://t.co/2hPvPVF4
38. Build a Complete Website. On an iPad. | Webdesigntuts+ http://t.co/pkg4z9gG
39. #jQuery Rotate http://t.co/c0kPul99
40. Patterns For Large-Scale #JavaScript Application Architecture http://t.co/6TyyyPVx

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