1. Clean Webkit CSS3 UI http://bit.ly/NZZXQj
2. HTML5 Tutorial: How to Build a Single Product Page http://bit.ly/LG0aEU
3. TimThumb – PHP Image Resizer : http://www.binarymoon.co.uk/projects/timthumb/
4. ddSlick a plugin for creating drop down with images : designwithpc.com/Plugins/ddSlick#demo
5. EasyDrag jQuery Plugin : http://t.co/UhluzHXx

6. Start Using HTML5 WebSockets Today | Nettuts+ http://t.co/7xEtvtlQ
7. jQuery++ Useful DOM Helpers and Special Events http://www.queness.com/post/11804/jquery-useful-dom-helpers-and-special-events via @quenesswebblog #jquery #javascript
8. Pens picked by the Editors of CodePen http://owl.li/1kNyBB
9. 35 Useful CSS3 Tutorials To Boost Your Skills http://owl.li/1kNMQl
10. Direction-Aware Hover Effect with CSS3 and jQuery http://owl.li/1kNMQm
11. Wookmark #jQuery Plugin http://t.co/7WK60vdD
12. The JavaScript Image Gallery http://t.co/hna9m72M
13. Introduction to JavaScript | adamonio.us http://t.co/bwCR2xaj
14. Photon: A CSS 3D Lighting Engine : photon.attasi.com
15. Front-end starter kit combined with the power of SCSS & Compass : tokokoo.github.com/pondasee/
16. responsive web design newsletter : bradfrostweb.com/responsive-web-design-newsletter/
17. Simplistic UI Kit : dribbble.com/shots/612116-Simplistic-UI-Kit
18. Responsive images: what's the problem, and how do we fix it?: dev.opera.com/articles/view/responsive-images-problem/
19. CSS3 Properties : http://t.co/NejAm6s6
20. rotate css-sprites like cinema tape! : source.futurecolors.ru/fc.tape/
21. Crafting Minimal Circular 3D Buttons with CSS : css-tricks.com/circular-3d-buttons/
22. Icon Deposit CSS3 UI Kit (PSD+CSS) : www.icondeposit.com/design:100
23. Building Books with CSS3 : www.alistapart.com/articles/building-books-with-css3/
24. RefineSlide: Amazing CSS3 slider http://t.co/lnmbzXxu
25. Featured Content Slider http://t.co/i51VxYO7
26. Moving Boxes http://t.co/CYIX9xr1
27. The Locker Project http://t.co/tVeD1vWH
28. jqmPhp – HTML Code Generator For jQuery Mobile http://www.jqmphp.com/
29. Which Custom Fonts are Top Web Designers Using? : line25.com/articles/which-custom-fonts-are-top-web-designers-using
30. 10 things you didn't know JavaScript could do : http://www.netmagazine.com/features/10-things-you-didnt-know-javascript-could-do
31. jQuery Smooth Scrolling Plugin | Page Scroller http://t.co/XjjvDtTB
32. Responsive navigation plugin : http://tinynav.viljamis.com/
33. Pageguide: http://t.co/4fABrjAr
34. 3D Thumbnail Hover Effects : http://t.co/jnRx4Qc2
35. Filtrify :  http://luis-almeida.github.com/filtrify/
36. jPages : http://luis-almeida.github.com/jPages/
37. An interactive guide for web page elements using jQuery and CSS3 : http://tracelytics.github.com/pageguide/
38. D3 Bootstrap Tooltips http://t.co/PNgnoafG
39. Building a tree diagram in D3.js - Pixel-in-Gene http://t.co/qqhMgIxn
40. CSS3PS: Convert Photoshop layers to CSS3 http://t.co/0fvGA3zs
41. For type nerds: Harmonics, Patterns, and Dynamics in Formal Typographic Representations of the Latin Script - http://t.co/29nnkgjL
42. Handsontable - jQuery grid editor. Excel-like grid editing with HTML & JavaScript http://t.co/VWs51rBq
43. An interesting technique: Using media queries to hide CSS3 from older browsers - http://t.co/ZYjbESFr
44. Benpickles: a jQuery plugin that converts an element's content into a simple canvas mini pie line or bar chart - http://t.co/4vLiD7x6
45. CSS Animations Media Queries http://t.co/s0fzT5Kn


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