1. Useful tool to create 3D text with CSS3 : http://t.co/TS3rL8vT
2. A Look Into: CSS3 :First-Of-Type Structural Selector http://t.co/oi45ic41
3. Using the CSS Border-Image Property : http://unmatchedstyle.com/news/css-border-image-property.php
4. Srobbin/jquery-pageslide - http://t.co/hE9I1P3D
5. QuicklyChat: push-to-talk video chats for coworkers - http://t.co/Hiufouib #useful

6. Backbone.Notifier | Powerful UI Notifications Framework http://t.co/sVlIot21
7. The Personality Layer - http://t.co/zYvEwYbM
8. Parallax Scrolling: Tools, Articles and Tutorials | Splashnology http://t.co/bD29Z9G0
9. 24 CSS (in some cases with jQuery) Navigation and Menu Tutorials : Speckyboy Design Magazine http://t.co/tgTE208Q
10. Great insights into how type designers work: An interview with Stéphane Elbaz - http://t.co/a4wlHd8Q
11. Raphaël—JavaScript Library http://t.co/xq7ZRWVI
12. 30 Highly Unusual Web Designs : http://speckyboy.com/2012/02/05/30-highly-unusual-web-designs/
13. 11 Stunning CSS3 and jQuery Powered Tutorials : http://t.co/68qH4YM0
14. 15+ More Cool Pure CSS3 Tutorials [No Javascript] http://www.gonzoblog.nl/2012/07/18/15-more-cool-pure-css3-tutorials-no-javascript/
15. jQuery.dotdotdot, advanced cross-browser ellipsis for multiple line content. http://t.co/6T8mMZU5
16. Real Time Multiplayer in HTML5 - Build New Games http://t.co/8S3nVDWY
17. Fun With Canvas: Create a jQuery Graph Plugin - Nettuts+ http://t.co/I9PjOnwK
18.  Leaflet - a modern, lightweight JavaScript library for interactive maps by CloudMade http://t.co/Ke8PHnot
19. Scrolling Parallax: A jQuery Plugin | Jon Raasch's Blog http://t.co/Yj4eGXM6
20. Shiny Demos http://ow.ly/cn6Xm
21. Quick tip: Using Quick Mask tool in Photoshop http://su.pr/9qKJ04 #design #useful
22. stickyMojo – A contained sticky sidebar plugin for jQuery http://ow.ly/cn7Tr
23. FlexPaper - The web based pdf viewer solution http://t.co/qT4dqeaP
24. The 10 Commandments of Web Design http://ow.ly/cm4Ie
25. Adequately Good - JavaScript Module Pattern: In-Depth - by Ben Cherry http://t.co/9FI0YjS5
26. Datejs - An open-source JavaScript Date Library http://t.co/kBOJTV12
27. Home - Tooltip your images - iPicture jQuery Plugin http://bit.ly/Nz2RKh
28. Firefox JavaScript Terminal // by Paul Rouget http://t.co/jt5buYUJ
29. WebGL Essentials: Part I : http://net.tutsplus.com/tutorials/webgl-essentials-part-i/
30. Sketch.js: a boilerplate for creating JavaScript based creative coding experiments - http://t.co/G8bdlzCi

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