1. Ninja power: open-source HTML5 toolset aims to enable richer Web apps  http://t.co/GKbTd8pz < Very useful!
2. Mosho - a browser-based presentation framework - http://bit.ly/QeuFrj
3. TodoMVC http://t.co/GZov1Toj
4. Enter MooTools Bootstrap…:  http://t.co/2NpidVYH
5. Sprite Cow: Generate CSS for sprite sheets http://t.co/xx0MFTiz

6. Interesting: Modularize Your JavaScript Code with TerrificJS library - http://t.co/cKr9OySi - Might be #useful.
7. Banish Repetitive Tasks with Sublime Text 2 Macros http://enva.to/GCH4e0
8. Google Plus iPad App timeline rebuild with CSS3 http://t.co/MjxpecR6
9. The Lightbox Clones Matrix « planetOzh http://t.co/7AuHUOh8
10. 29a.ch - Neonflames http://t.co/ifpKrZrR
11. Redactor http://t.co/dmouMeAl
12. 10 simple ways to make wireframes more useful | .net http://t.co/un2ZPwIR
13. Creating a Jquery Slideshow with Craftyslide http://t.co/gq0gADoF #javascript #Tutorial
14. Pretty sleek pure CSS3 toggle buttons http://t.co/71Ci74xm
15. Bootswatch: Free themes for Twitter Bootstrap http://t.co/vV0xvXdk
16. Playful UX Design - Building A Better Game - http://t.co/zsi58Qd5
17. Turn Your Kindle into a Second Monitor [Video] http://t.co/1hqLWAQm
18. 35 Free Vector Illustrations Sets http://t.co/49SoU3hs
19. Markupwand: helps you convert your Photoshop files to HTML & CSS - http://t.co/JImD4prF
21. CSS 3D Folding Animation Example : davidwalsh.name/folding-animation
22. Typography Is The Foundation Of Web Design | Smashing Magazine http://t.co/CfesML8B
23. Canvas tutorial - MDC http://t.co/Ga6v2NQE
24. Managing #JavaScript on Responsive Websites | Viget http://t.co/vtGPREiB
25. 50 Useful Responsive Web Design Tools For Designers http://t.co/84X3tDOS
26. Learning Three.js: 3D Physics With Three.js and Physijs http://t.co/egzjEzYS
27. 52 Language APIs: Google, Calais and Bing http://t.co/Cpg1rNyd #languages #API #translation
28. How to Get Your Blog to Stand Out - Fuel Your Blogging http://www.fuelyourblogging.com/how-to-get-your-blog-to-stand-out/
29. case-study: Design case study: iPad to Metro style app - http://t.co/DAEe8V4w #ux
30. jQuery Youtube Gallery helps to embed video to website, web page or blog, in a few clicks - http://t.co/JqrWfPwp
31. 15 Beautiful Captivating Pricing Tables : http://t.co/aFLXpFFH
32. Designing For Android: Tips And Techniques : http://t.co/h2pIAQ6O
33. Responsive Web Design Interactive Infographic : http://t.co/wYbiTRE2
34. 10 stunning examples of animation with CSS3 : http://t.co/jlRjwsg3
35. Modern Design Trends for Landing Pages : http://t.co/UuZGIF9q
36. Displaying the Progress of Tasks with HTML5  : http://t.co/zYVidu1B
37. CSS 3D Folding Animation : http://t.co/iNbvOZY3
38. Creating Stylish Responsive Form With CSS3 And HTML5 : http://t.co/riQQAaop
39. Isometric text with CSS3 http://t.co/dPcepdE8
40. 50 Beautifully Designed Posters with Amazing Typography http://ow.ly/ctUV2
41. Web Font Services: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly | Webdesigntuts+ http://t.co/P9A9A2iQ
42. Clear Chrome Extension: Easily erase your cache, cookies and its history in Google Chrome - http://t.co/z5akNQUJ
43. Debugging JavaScript: Throw Away Your Alerts! » SitePoint http://t.co/vHPuzvpv
44. 50+ Super Sleek CSS Button Style Snippets You Can Grab and Go : http://mln.im/MPc0yY
45. 10 jQuery Web Tour, Help and Instructional Plugins : http://mln.im/Ql0qJF

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