1. Useful: How to Turn Photographic Textures Into Masks in Photoshop : http://t.co/RuFf990u
2. Useful: XML containing all country codes : http://bit.ly/PTCjS3
3. Create a Minimal Coming Soon Page in Adobe Photoshop : http://ow.ly/cHXkY
4. Using Github as a CDN : http://ttzn.co/Mn1Lnu
5. No Excuse List: a listing of the best places on the Web to learn things for free : http://bit.ly/N9S200

6. Magazine-like Layout for the Web with CSS Regions and Exclusions : http://ow.ly/cJz4L
7. 30 Amazing Examples of CSS3 Experiment : su.pr/60Qxh9
8. Adaptor, an extensible jQuery content slider : www.profilepicture.co.uk/jquery-3d-content-slider/
9. scottjehl/Respond : GitHub http://t.co/9E88MOSu
10. How to Build a Sliding One Page Portfolio with #jQuery : http://t.co/AKVnxtVE
11. A couple of great Block Quote Styles with CSS : http://t.co/9SHHclQt
12. joox - A fluent XML builder library to construct DOM documents and elements : Google Project Hosting http://t.co/miePJCb4
13. CSS3 Solutions for Internet Explorer - Smashing Coding : http://t.co/s05S3b8R
14. jQuery TextExt Plugin http://t.co/MjwmG9US
15. Sneakpeekit: free PDF sketch sheets and grid templates for various settings - http://t.co/lIRt4WWl
16. 22 Websites that are Beautiful and Useful : http://t.co/RhpEF5wi
17. A great collection of interesting mobile UI design patterns - http://t.co/bwbJ4bEm
18. HTML5 & CSS3 Fundamentals: Development for Absolute Beginners (21 free video courses) - http://t.co/zng7xSQA
19. Highcharts - Interactive JavaScript charts for your webpage http://t.co/HUQ9F2kV
20. Labelify: a jQuery plugin to add labels to your textboxes http://t.co/IlLByjzj
21. Adaptor :: #jQuery content slider http://t.co/RU7vf0hS
22. Open Source Web Development Resources for Designers & Developers http://t.co/w9Iqmvl4
23. Responsive 3D Panel Layout http://ow.ly/cMVyM
24. The psychology of logo design http://su.pr/3u8E3G
25. Subtle UI Improvements : http://t.co/SBHYQQgm
26. 8 Things Newbie Web Designers Should Know About SEO : http://ow.ly/cL7YJ
27. CSS Pie Timer http://mln.im/OEMLNy
28. 5+ jQuery Sitemap Plugins and Generator Tools http://mln.im/Mf6ztO
29. CSS3 Snippets for Front-end Developers http://ow.ly/cL75N
30. Content: A Blessing, A Bubble, A Burden - http://t.co/LVtYq1au
31. An Attempt at Understanding CSS Perspective http://t.co/u4Iye5nD
32. Packing javascript in a png file : https://gist.github.com/2560551
33. Design a Modern Pricing Table in Photoshop : http://enva.to/qzbIyB
34. This is Sidetap - a mobile framework. http://t.co/h4oFhA49
35. Detect Mobile Browsers - Open source mobile phone detection http://t.co/Htlu7yV8
36. A slide deck with hover effects using CSS : http://t.co/NdxyL56x
37. 12 Fresh and Free UI PSDs http://t.co/lxAmLf3A
38. Ajax Upload; A file upload script with progress-bar, drag-and-drop. http://t.co/peOE4btj
39. Circle Hover Effects with CSS Transitions | Codrops - http://t.co/zLsXodlY
40. JavaScript Garden http://t.co/uRtOPBXe
41. Sammy.js / A Small Web Framework with Class / RESTFul Evented JavaScript http://t.co/fjLfBh0o
42. James Newbery: Testing your Backbone from the outside-in on Vimeo http://t.co/8jWIsAbD
43. Piecon: A tiny javascript library for dynamically generating pie charts in your favicons - http://t.co/fQRAsXdC #js
44. HTML5 Please - Use the new and shiny responsibly http://t.co/wkawnNLG
45. http://t.co/wFjM5zei Build a #Joomla Paid Membership Site with Akeeba Subscriptions

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