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1. CSS3 click chart :
2. GitHub-Style Sliding Links With CSS :
3. An interesting read: Think Vertical: The Influence of Mobile Design on Orientation :
4. Free Vector Shelves :
5. Great live editor: Create.js, A new kind of web editing interface :

6. Laker compendium – Designing digital publications in HTML5 :
7. Annotator is an open-source JavaScript library and tool that can be added to any webpage to make it annotatable.
8. Create faster fluid layouts with LESS :
9. Detect Mobile Browsers - Open source mobile phone detection :
10. Responsive Line Breaks :
11. CSS3 Transition Tutorials to Create a Single Page Website :
12. 5 Useful Online CSS3 Tools to Make 3D Effects :
13. 50 Best Jquery Image Sliders that are free to use :
14. 15 Useful #jQuery Parallax Plugins and Tutorials to Create a WOW Factor :
15. Three.js: Render Real World Terrain from Heightmap Using Open Data |
16. A Showcase of Typography in Webdesign
17. 200 best web design gallery sites where to submit your works #design #useful
18. Create a Minimal Coming Soon Page using HTML5 and CSS3
19. This will come in handy: ASCII Character Pronunciation Rules - #useful
20. 8 Google Chrome Extensions to Boost Your Productivity -
21. trunk8 – A text truncation extension to jQuery
22. BrandColors: a growing collection of major brand color codes -
23. HTML5 mobile application vs. going the native route
24. A very interesting read: Design Tip: Never Use Black -
25. A jQuery Plugin For Relative Timestamps
26. Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: Create a Detailed Dynamite Illustration -
27. Guide to: Installing Firebug in Major Browsers and iOS Devices
28. Crafting the Experience of User Interface Messages:
29. Simple Security Guide, Part 2 #joomla
30. Setting Up Sass on Windows
31. Coding Q&A With Chris Coyier: Responsive Sprites And Media Query Efficiency:
32. Another useful #rwd technique: Different Flexsliders at different display sizes -
33. A Plugin Development Pattern » Learning jQuery - Tips, Techniques, Tutorials
34. AngularJS and the Goodfilms mobile site - Part 1 - Bad films are bad
35. ColorBox
36. Backbone.Notifier | Powerful UI Notifications Framework
37. chriscoyier/MovingBoxes - GitHub
38. Strapdown.js - Instant and elegant Markdown documents
39. scrolldeck.js
40. 30+ Creative and Useful Infographic Maps for inspiration  :
41. Holder.js: renders image placeholders entirely on the client side -
42. jQuery coreUISelect: a cross-browser stylable «select» menu with jQuery and CSS -
43. Essential JavaScript Design Patterns For Beginners
44. Pens picked by the Editors of CodePen
45. Chronoline.js | chronology timeline :


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