1. 7 Amazing Interactive Infographics Created With HTML, CSS and Javascript http://t.co/L0xCEhTW
2. jQuery rewritten for HTML5 on iOS and Android devices - http://t.co/1nJkhlJw #useful
3. 10 #jQuery #Plugins That Enhance Your Images - http://t.co/DjZeXMUG
4. Resolution Independence With SVG : http://coding.smashingmagazine.com/2012/01/16/resolution-independence-with-svg
5. CSS1K - an interesting idea that takes from CSS Zen garden and JS1K: http://t.co/IKn60x8s
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7. Free icons: Mini Cards: 15 Credit/Debit Card Icons - http://t.co/ystpmiQM
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13. UX article on SmashingMag: Designing The Well-Tempered Web - http://t.co/UZk0cODq
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