1. Useful insights for responsive navigation: Tips How To Handle Responsive Navigation Menus Successfully : http://t.co/AvZJGnSN
2. An Introduction to Handlebars : http://net.tutsplus.com/tutorials/javascript-ajax/introduction-to-handlebars/
3. WebZap | plugin that provides Photoshop with additional tools and functionalities : http://webzap.uiparade.com/
4. Why Coding Style Matters : http://t.co/DlDhotQZ
5. Ligature Symbols , Web Font : http://kudakurage.com/ligature_symbols/

6. Crashlog: a real-time exception capturing for Web and mobile applications - http://t.co/QlZBPpLs
7. mmet – A Toolkit For Improving HTML & CSS Workflow http://t.co/FsjLCJid
8. Adaptive Blog Theme: Homepage Layout http://enva.to/TwGIiZ
9. Responsive frameworks (Skeleton, Foundation and Bootstrap): a comparison : http://responsive.vermilion.com/compare.php
10. Showcase of Beautiful Blue Color Websites : http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/blue-web-design/
11. 30 Free Handy UI Kits - http://pelfusion.com/30-free-handy-ui-kits/
12. Free Download (PSD, EPS, PNG): Touch Gesture Icons for Multi-Touch Devices - http://t.co/fl00xRSo
13. Powerful Command Line Tools For Developers http://t.co/4WjpyJBz
14. Creating SVG vector graphics for maximum browser compatibility - http://t.co/QUpS3cl5
15.  8 Useful #jQuery Snippets For URL’s & Querystrings : http://t.co/CRWJx59o
16.  Easily calculate color contrast ratios --> http://t.co/evWcX5SI
17. 22 Best Free User Interface Kits and Design Wireframes flpbd.it/in6vF
18. Dashing – An exceptionally handsome dashboard framework http://ow.ly/f5mSx
19. SheetClip.js: allows you to copy/paste data from your HTML5 web app to a spreadsheet - bit.ly/St0Liq
20. 20 New Icon Sets (Including Icon Fonts) for Design & Development http://ow.ly/f5Zy
21. Expandable CSS & jQuery Menu with Slider :  http://pixelsdaily.com/resources/html-css/expandable-css-jquery-menu-with-slider/
22. Useful Tools To Check Cross-Browser Compatibility Issues http://ow.ly/f5nhW
23. Creating an icon animation with CSS3 - http://bit.ly/SRAl9j
24. Crumble – A jQuery plugin for creating feature tours http://ow.ly/fdhq5
25. Garlic.js : jQuery Plugin to persist forms data locally http://t.co/luywZnWm
26. Middleman: a static site generator using all the shortcuts and tools in modern Web development - bit.ly/k3gLSJ
27. Quick and Easy Interactive Wireframes with Bootstrap http://enva.to/U85OmK
28. Responsive Image Techniques & Resources http://t.co/uM9VM54Z
29. This is cool: Pickadate.js - a lightweight jQuery date picker plugin http://t.co/mfN08ROL
30. code smells in CSS : http://t.co/cZiMRK3H
31. Visualead | Easy Visual QR Code Generator --> http://ow.ly/ft9Am
32. lovely ui - a collection of mobile ui - http://www.lovelyui.com/
33. Mockery: A Better Way - Mockery is a PHP extension that offers a superior mocking experience  http://t.co/c2BlL72l
34. Hovercard - a jQuery plugin with built in Twitter and Facebook cards -> http://ow.ly/fuPWe
35.  ddSlick - a #jQuery plugin for custom drop down with images --> http://ow.ly/fuQQg

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