1. What’s Hot in 2013:  http://t.co/m3jczqGk
2. The Best Education of 2012: Month By Month | Nettuts+ http://t.co/Xac83LSQ
3. Conditionizr – Intelligent Script, Style And Retina Loader : http://conditionizr.com/
4. Elusive Icons: a large open source Web font, with icons in .svg format - http://t.co/iR7JE1rL
5. 120 Impressive Collections of #jQuery Effects From 2012 : http://t.co/hrTiTjp9

6. Another #CSS image replacement technique : http://t.co/czacX5HZ
7. Bootstrap video player - jQuery plugin http://t.co/o2rY9xYl
8. Progressive JPGs: A New Best Practice http://dlvr.it/2kk9cW
9. Techniques for Creating Motion in Web Design |: http://buff.ly/UkrnQp
10. Responsive background images with fixed or fluid aspect ratioshttp://mln.im/RlKFoT
11. 30 Inspiring #Responsive #Websites Designs for your Inspiration http://mln.im/ZbbBhh #rwd
12. Drop a Line – Contact Forms with a Designer’s Touch http://ow.ly/gtPR7
13. 21 Inspiring Examples of Texture Use in Web Design - http://ow.ly/grRTT
14. 40  Free and Fresh jQuery Plugins and Tutorials #jQuery #web #in http://t.co/A8NWdUzM
15. 22 awesome #jQuery typography plugins 2013 http://t.co/ntboIrIQ
16. Analytics.js – An easy method to integrate analytics into a web app http://ow.ly/gv0wi
17. jqwidgets : http://www.jqwidgets.com/
18. CSS3 animation slides with working examples & code (note: hard to navigate slides on mobile) http://t.co/FjJN4GZ8
19. Fullscreen Pageflip Layout  http://t.co/ATcsSwl3
20. Putting Your Best Foot Forward: Preparing For A Front-End Job Interview http://t.co/8crRbAst
21. 25 Great Photoshop CS6 Tutorials To Get You Started In 2013 http://mln.im/Uog0H5
22. Automatically Save CSS and JS Changes From Chrome DevTools http://mln.im/UofOaV
23. Trends, Expectations, and Truth About Web Design 2013 http://depot.ly/gxrDR
24. 25 vivacious vector sites http://mln.im/UsVfLQ
25. 38 Modern List Styles in Website Designs http://mln.im/Uofby3

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