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1.  jQuery App Folders - Effortlessly arrange items as on an iOS device  :
2. Latest Tools And jQuery Plugins That A Web Designer Needs  :
3. Dropzone.js – Turns an HTML element into a dropzone :
4. Read With MagicScroll :
5. sBubble: jQuery/CSS3 Tooltip Plugin

6. Socialcircles - A free set of simple, attractive, social icons
7.  HTML5 Drag and Drop Avatar Changer with Resizing and Cropping :
8. How Clean is Your Web Design? :
9.  Connecting – A short film about #UI and #UX design  :
10. An Advanced Guide to #HTML #CSS
11.  Aware.js: Making Your Site Reader Aware  :
12. Great collection of Google Web Font combinations which you can use on your site using built-in template Font settings >>
13. Filterus - A flexible PHP 5.3 filter package by @ircmaxell
14.  75 Free Buttons For Online Payment Service Providers :
15. Viewport Resizer is an awesome and customizable Responsive Web Design testing bookmarklet:
16. Cross-browser Testing may be easier with Adobe BrowserLab >>
17. 10 Essential Web Application Usability Guidelines
19. How to build a threaded comment block with HTML5 and CSS3
20. The #jQuery Foundation Relaunches the jQuery Plugin Registry
21. Bootstrap Magic – A Twitter Bootstrap themes generator
22. Jazz up a Static Webpage with Subtle Parallax :
23. The Best Way to Learn #HTML  :
24. Cross-Browser HTML5 Audio With Audio5js
25. Creating an HTML5 Responsive-Ready Contact Form with JavaScript Detection
26. Coming Soon Pages 101: Their Importance and Main Tasks
27. jQuery UI 1.10 released with redesigned APIs for dialog and progressbar widgets, including accessibility improvements:
28. Responding to slow page rendering on the mobile network
29. Canvas Query – A wrapper library for the HTML5 Canvas element
30. Live Scratchpad – Evaluate your JavaScript functions in real-time


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