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1. For the bookmarks: Flickr-Style Dynamic Edit Fields with jQuery and CSS3 :
2. Slideshow with jmpress.js :
3. HtmlDrive - Free Dhtml scripts,Jquery plugins,Javascript,CSS,CSS3,Html5 Library :
4. jsPlumb: jQuery/MooTools/YUI3 Javascript library that lets you connect parts of your interfaces together : #js
5. Introduction to #jQuery UI Training Course - Mr.Bool Courses :

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1. Happytables: a service that helps you and your clients create a restaurant website -
2. Ender - the no-library library:
3. turn.js - The page flip effect for #HTML5 :
4. Load Report :
5. - A responsive design testing tool :

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1. CSS3 click chart :
2. GitHub-Style Sliding Links With CSS :
3. An interesting read: Think Vertical: The Influence of Mobile Design on Orientation :
4. Free Vector Shelves :
5. Great live editor: Create.js, A new kind of web editing interface :

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1. Useful: How to Turn Photographic Textures Into Masks in Photoshop :
2. Useful: XML containing all country codes :
3. Create a Minimal Coming Soon Page in Adobe Photoshop :
4. Using Github as a CDN :
5. No Excuse List: a listing of the best places on the Web to learn things for free :

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1. How to Build a Responsive Thumbnail Gallery
2. jQuerin Grid Builder  :
3. 10 user-engaging ways to create interactive infographics :
4. 10 Essential Google Chrome Extensions :
5. Use Cases for Multiple Pseudo Elements :

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