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1. Rhinoslider: The most flexible jQuery slider/slideshow
2. Advanced CSS selectors visualized - #useful
3. 30+ Examples of Different and Interesting Scrolling Effects :
4. Fixed Table of Contents Drop-Down Menu (jQuery Plugin) :
5. How to Create an Awesome Image Preloader | Nettuts+

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1. Very useful: Five responsive Web design pitfalls to avoid by Brad Frost -
2. pow.js — Algorithmic sunburst generator via CSS, canvas and jQuery :
3. UI.Layout Plug-in - Home 2
4. gitHUB Joomla3-Admin-template : #joomla
5. How to Make Smooth Transitions with CSS3

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1. Linear CSS Gradients that ANY Browser Can See :
2. Grunt: a task-based command line build tool for JavaScript projects :
3. The Essentials of the Zepto.js #JavaScript Library :
4. Responsive Web Design: What Not to Do :
5. Effective Typography-Driven Web Design | Codrops

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1. Backup script which syncs server to dropbox every day  :
2. How It Was Coded: Evolution Of Web Development Techniques : Infographic :
3. No More Powerpoint I Have Impress.js :
4. The State Of HTML5 Video :
5. Nice! "CSS Animations Between Media Queries" -

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1. Koding, a cloud development IDE (beta) -
2. On Responsive Images :
3. 19 CSS3 and jQuery Tutorials for Perfect UI Design | SpyreStudios
4. CoffeeConsole: A Chrome Extension -
5. An embeddable JavaScript Markdown editor

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