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1. 20 Fresh Sites With Amazing Scrolling Effects :
2. Howler.js: A Cross Browser #JavaScript Audio Playback Library Supporting Audio Sprites :
3. List of the most useful online tools to make your JavaScript developer life even easier :
4. 20 Free Responsive HTML & CSS Templates :
5. CSS Ratiocinator – A tool that will automatically refactor your CSS:

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1. Responsive Navigation: Toggle Patterns – New on Premium :
2. Vagrant – A tool for building complete development environments :
3. The Accessibility Project :
4.  WeeNudge: Teach your clients about the mysteries of the web :
5. Cool tutorial on CSS 3D pageflips:

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1.  jQuery App Folders - Effortlessly arrange items as on an iOS device  :
2. Latest Tools And jQuery Plugins That A Web Designer Needs  :
3. Dropzone.js – Turns an HTML element into a dropzone :
4. Read With MagicScroll :
5. sBubble: jQuery/CSS3 Tooltip Plugin

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1. Rainbow – A code syntax highlighting library
2. jQuery Transit - Super-smooth CSS3 transformations and transitions for jQuery :
3. Droptiles – A HTML, JS and CSS Windows 8 Start-like Metro style dashboard
4. 10 Free Pure CSS UI Kits
5. How to automatically generate CSS sprites with Sass and Compass

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1. What’s Hot in 2013:
2. The Best Education of 2012: Month By Month | Nettuts+
3. Conditionizr – Intelligent Script, Style And Retina Loader :
4. Elusive Icons: a large open source Web font, with icons in .svg format -
5. 120 Impressive Collections of #jQuery Effects From 2012 :

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