Before this year gets ended , Let me write a small review of year 2013 and also I would really say Thank you for everyone whom I met during 2013 and those who have made this awesome year.

2013 was by far and away my best year professionally. I was very blessed to be able to attend many events around the world, meet many fascinating people and have a ton of really happy moments.

Worldwide Events

Awesome People

  • Brandon Eich - creator of the JavaScript language and the current Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Mozilla
  • Ethan Marcotte – a web designer, developer, speaker, author and the person who coined the term “Responsive Web Design (RWD)”
  • Matt Mullenweg - co-founder of WordPress, the open-source blogging platform, and the founder of Automattic, Gravatar and other companies
  • David Walsh - Core Developer of MooTools, currently a Web Developer with Mozilla
  • Pascal Fenette – Portfolio Manager at, and previously the Director of the Office of the Chair at the Mozilla Corporation
  • Christian Heliman - Principal Developer Evangelist (HTML5/Open Web) at Mozilla
  • Awesome Joomla! Community Volunteers
  • Awesome Mozillians

Happy Moments

  • Approved to get my Visa to travel to the United States after several attempts
  • Attended Mozilla Summit 2013 in Santa Clara, California with more than 800 other Mozillians
  • Attended J and Beyond in The Netherlands and toured through Amsterdam
  • Attended the Joomla! World Conference in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Met Gary Brooks (CEO of for the first time after working together for almost 5 years
  • Met Ryan Bernstein (“The Professor” at twice – once in The Netherlands and again in Boston
  • Getting my name in the Firefox Credits Page :about:credits
  • Getting my name in the Firefox Monument (Picture coming soon)
  • Selected for the Joomla! User Group (JUG) Team Member
  • Selected for a scholarship to attend the Joomla World Conference
  • Selected to speak as the closing JoomlaIgnite presenter during the closing keynote at the Joomla World Conference
  • 1 Day Chicago visit
  • Speaking at JoomlaDay Spain and JoomlaDay Bangkok


I will hopefully continue my journey with more of the same in 2014. I’d like to travel to even more areas of the world and contribute even more to projects and teams that I am a part of.

Lastly I would say Thank you to my dearest wife who have given me all support for my all events and travels.

Happy Holidays to everyone and a Happy New Year!

Saurabh Shah

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