There I go, final event of the year 2014 talking about 2 topics on my 2 favourite open souce technologies. JoomlaDay Bangkokg was held on 23rd and 24th November 2013.

In first week of November itself at Joomla World conference at Boston, I met Akarawuth Tamrareang who was organizing JoomlaDay events in Bangkok and very much open source technology lover as well. When I met him we were discussing about couple of ideas and ideas turned into talk about speaking in JoomlaDay Bangkok events. He invited me over for the event and very much keen to have me a session on FirefoxOS which he thought would be really nice to have for the Thailand & specially Bangkok and users to know more about it along with Ofcourse Joomla Community talk.

First day session was about FirefoxOS. I really was not sure what will be the outcome and response from others... but... When I spoke at the event , it turned out that so many people came to me and asked lot of question and very much interested in development and how to involve in the FirefoxOS or Mozilla community volunteering. I am glad that I have been able to spreading the word about FirefoxOS in Bangkok.

JoomlaDay Bangkok 2013 FirefoxOS by Suarabh Shah JoomlaDay Bangkok 2013 FirefoxOS by Suarabh Shah JoomlaDay Bangkok 2013 FirefoxOS by Suarabh Shah JoomlaDay Bangkok 2013 FirefoxOS by Suarabh Shah

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Another session on day 2 was about Joomla! Community which was I believe very much needed to get more involvement all around the world without being langauage barrier. Joomla! has a global awesome large community and we all together have achieved a great success. I believe I will see lot more great volunteers come forward and join & help Joomla community to move forward and make it awesome.

It was my pleasure to be in JoomlaDay Bangkok event and had lot of fun with everyone. My pleasure to meet Sam Muffet , Mark Lee & his team, Akarawuth & his team & many more. I hope and looking forward to talk next year 2014.


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