The 6th annual Joomla!Day Spain and the 2nd annual Free Software HispanoLuso Conference coincided this year in Albacete, Spain on September 27th & 28th and I was there to enjoy the mixed event which was filled with 2 days of presentations, workshops and networking. I attended last year, but this year was different because I presented ... twice. View both of my presentations below.

"Mozilla & FirefoxOS - Be the Future"

"Build a Joomla Template with Boostrap 3"

There were many international speakers at these events and the first day started with a welcome speech followed by "Joomla!-It rocks" by Brian Teeman, where he illusrated cool features in soon-to-be-released Joomla! 3.2. Of course I coudn't attend every event, but here are a few details about what I was able to see: Ruth Cheesley presented "Semantic Search & Microdata" where she explained how little SEO details matter for sites to rank higher in search engines. Francesco Abeni discussed "Best Practices for Joomla Extensions Developers" followed by another session by Brian Teeman titled "Creating Content Made Easy with JCE".

One of the most interesting presentations was "How to Speed up your Joomla! Site" by Daniel Kanchev where he explained various methods for optimizing Joomla! sites.  Sam Nazarko presented on "Optimising Linux for Low Powered Platforms: Raspbmc" where he talked about the Raspbmc project and some of the challenges faced by development projects on small, low-power platforms, and how to overcome them. Radek Suski and Isidro Baquero showed off new responsive features of SobiPro and illusrtated how SobiPro is much more than just a directory extension for Joomla. David Hurley, a current Joomla! Communiity Manager presented on "Joomla Framework Developments".

At the end of the first Day we had a great dinner and celebreated Radek Suski's birthday & 11th wedding anniversary.

Day 2 started just as day 1 left off: with may great presentations. Pablo Arias presented a "Comparision of Different Template Frameworks".  There was a Moodle talk on "Responsive Adaptive Apps" and Javier Gomez presented "Migrating a site from 1.5 to 2.5 or 3.1 with JMigrator". Pedro Vidal ended event with a final closing speech for both Joomla!Day Spain 2013 and the Free Software HispanoLuso Conference.

After the event I had many people came in to ask about joining volunteering for Mozilla products and FirefoxOS. I have redirected them to Local Spanish community. I hope they will be joining soon and Spanish Community will welcome our new volunteers.

Overall it was a great success and I am looking forward for my next event , yet to know which one ;)