1. Create Pulse Effect With CSS3 Animation : http://www.paulund.co.uk/create-pulse-effect-with-css3-animation
2. FALLBACK ON LOCAL JQUERY IF CDN FAILS http://www.paulund.co.uk/fallback-on-local-jquery-if-cdn-fails/
3. a Web application to help product design teams quickly share mockups, precisely communicate and collaboratively refine design ideas with dead simple drag and drop tools :  http://mocku.ps
4. mobjectify - Mockup your mobile website prototype in minutes http://t.co/uKCTprVg
5. Patterns : http://subtlepatterns.com
6. Best of Tuts+ in December 2011 : http://net.tutsplus.com/articles/web-roundups/best-of-tuts-in-december-2011/
7. Creating an API-Centric Web Application : http://net.tutsplus.com/tutorials/php/creating-an-api-centric-web-application/
8. GuideGuide: Free Plugin For Dealing With Grids In Photoshop : http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2012/01/03/guideguide-free-plugin-for-dealing-with-grids-in-photoshop/
9.  (Updated) Compatibility tables for support of HTML5, CSS3, SVG and more in desktop and mobile browsers - http://t.co/K1SXY4yG #useful
10. Slopy Elements with with CSS3 - http://t.co/rJmRLpDg
11. A Beautiful Apple-style Slideshow Gallery With CSS & jQuery – Tutorialzine http://t.co/sVMizOhh
12. A nice tutorial: Code a real-time survey with HTML5 WebSockets - http://t.co/JZto1i2m
13.  CSS Profiling and Optimization http://t.co/Rdwj3qM5
14. 100+ Awesome Grunge Background Textures http://t.co/cj45P3Za
15. 23 Interesting HTML5 and CSS3 Websites http://www.onextrapixel.com/2012/01/05/23-interesting-html5-and-css3-websites/
16. 20 things you can do this year to improve your user’s experience : http://www.userfocus.co.uk/articles/improve_your_users_experience.html
17. #jQuery plugin: Tablesorter 2.0 http://t.co/vZWRFYx5
18.  a CSS-only fullscreen slideshow for background images - http://t.co/D0RkYLxy
19. Skitter - Slideshow for anytime! http://t.co/AA94AWUf
20. Initializr, an #HTML5 template generator, now has a responsive web design template. Read about it here http://t.co/GJyJKkqB

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